You Can download various application forms : 



  • KYC Documents required : 1 PAN Card Copy, 1 Photograph & 1 ID/Address Proof. Cross Sign Photograph i.e. Half Sign on phot and half on Form. Sign at the first page at bootom in the box "Signature of Applicant". Also sign anywhere on page 2. Self attest all the documents.

  • Common Transaction Form : Use it to Redeem/Sale Units, Updation of Phone No / eMail ID. Sign at one place at bottom in the box "Signature"

  • Maturity Form LIC : Use this form for taking Maturity proceeds from LIC Policy. Affix Rs. 1 Revenue Stamp at bottom and cross sign on revenue stamp.

  • Surrender Form LIC : Use it to Surrender LIC Policy. Sign at first page at "Signature" along with the updated address. Affix Rs. 1 Revenue Stamp on page 2. Cross Sign Revenue Stamp and also sign at bottom at "Signature of Life assured"

  • NEFT Form LIC : Sign on Page 2 at "Signature of Policy Holder". Attach one cancelled cheque along with the form.

  • Nomination Change Form : Use this form to Change the Nomination in LIC Policy, sign at two places, also two original copies of this form are required, along with the Policy Bond.

  • Application Form 300 LIC : Sign on bottom of all four pages as well as at three places on page no. 4.